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  1. Earthquake Girl

A Work In Progress -- Originally to be a Male-Female duet, I have recorded both parts and will do a final when I find a compatible female vocalist.


Earthquake Girl
(c)Wade B Ward 2019

INTRO: 8 bars

1.) 00:15 BOY:
I took a little spin down to the Catalina inn
Cuz I heard that she was shaking 'em up
This Earthquake Girl had the crowd in a whirl
Like a tempest in a measuring cup.

2.) 00:28
Earthquake Girl really rocked my world
I think I need my smelling salts
Cuz feel I'm just like Charles Richter
On a geological fault

3.) 00:41
Floods and landslides rushing worldwide
I'm waiting for the aftershocks
My body craves your seismic waves
So knock me right out of my socks

4.) 00:56
I'm gonna rock your world, I'm the Earthquake Girl
I gotta Whole lotta shakin goin' on
If you feel a temblor in your epicenter
It's just a physical phenomenon.

5.) 01:10
I can fracture the ground for miles around
When I jiggle those tectonic plates
Its nobody's fault but San Andreas
If you end up at the Pearly Gates.

16 bars

6.) 01:48
I'm the Earthquake Girl and you better not quarrel
Or use emergency preparedness tricks
Cuz you know the way I leveled San Francisco
Back in Nineteen Hundred and Six

7.) 02:01
You better drop to the ground whenever I'm around
And take cover any place you can
Then hold on tight, I'll be shaking all night
And I really need a stable man.

8.) BOY:
I'm gonna tell y'mommy, that you're causing a tsunami
Then I'll take you out to San Jose
Where the team that's playin soccer hasn't ever seen a rocker
That can move the way I've seen you sway

9.) 02:33
I warn you that I'm deadly -- so you better get ready
Cuz I'm heading on a path of destruction
If you think that you can handle, or can even hold a candle
Get ready for some major suction.