Wade B. Ward

The B stands for Biography...  

Wade B Ward is a Composer, Lyricist, Performer, Producer from Orange County, CA. 

His family was musical and had popular records of the 50s and 60s playing as he grew up. His first memories are of conducting the record player.  His mother was a talented pianist and singer, and although he rebelled at formal music lessons, he taught himself piano and guitar by ear. 

Later, he joined the school band and played brass instruments, giving him a love of orchestral and big band music. 

With is two brothers, he formed a group in the 1970s and played locally around the mid-west. He continually opened his mind to different kinds of music and started writing songs while still a teenager. 

"I want to create compelling music that touches and motivates people. I believe music is the best way to transmit emotions and ideas. Any project will benefit from the right type of music and my goal is to work with creators to achieve their goals." 

You can reach Wade at